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episode 5

📰 Newsletter:

I’m a big fan of the Hyperchange newsletter. You’ll have to pay $5 a month on patreon but its pretty high quality content about electric car tech and the state of Tesla. If you don’t want to pay anything, just check out the youtube.


You’re watching youtube like a boomer. Start watching like a zoomer with the video speed controller extension. It allows for custom keyboard shortcuts for changing the video speed in 0.1x increments up to 16x! I also have shortcuts for jumping back and forth in 15 second increments.

🚮Declutter Hack:

Your ad blocker is weak. Maybe it allows ads through if the advertiser pays. Get uBlock origin. It’ll block some stuff that your Brave browser isn’t catching. I’m using both.

🎲Random Fact

Another awesome sport you haven’t heard of - Kronum. It is a combo of basketball and soccer.


Don’t be a homebody. Get a coworking space. I’m at Hardihood and if I was at home I’d have never heard of Kronum from Scott.

Looking forward to sharing more next week y’all,

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