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episode 9

🌐 Website:

Listen Notes is the best place to search for podcast episodes. I occasionally get obsessed with someone or something and this website helps me find relevant podcasts. They also have a feature like google alerts that will monitor your keywords and email when a podcast surfaces with those keywords.

🏋 Health and Fitness

Dr Stuart McGill is a back expert famous for working with professional and olympic athletes. His Big 3 back exercises are designed to provide immediate pain relief for anyone. They train the body to stabilize the spine and there is a residual effect that lasts up to 2 hours.

🚮Declutter Hack:

Many browser extensions are passively collecting data on your browsing. Best thing to do is delete as many extensions as possible. If you have to have the extension, it is possible to sandbox the extension to only have access to websites you choose.

🎲Random fact

Do you know what time of day people are most likely to open an email? 3 PM. You’ll find the details here.


Max Pete is an expert in marketing, advertising and Squarespace design. Checkout his portfolio and see if you’re ready to take your business to another level.

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