the weekly Barrydyne 👨🏻‍💻

episode 2

📰 Newsletter:

I am frequently asked where I get my cryptocurrency news from. I’d say one of my primary sources is Ethereum Weekly by Evan Van Ness. I like the way it has very in depth technical coverage as well as more consumable community content.


If you ever stop posting to instagram you might catch yourself wondering what the point of taking a pictures is. Day One is an awesome journaling app that helps answer that. It has a cool ‘streak’ feature to encourage you to create a journal entry everyday. I’m on a 139 day streak 🔥


Naval Ravikant, the founder of AngelList, is well read and his tweets are always worth reading.

🚮Declutter Hack:

Delete the facebook and instagram apps. The extra steps of getting into the browser will reduce your usage. They also can’t listen to you like they do with the app.

🎲Random Fact:
The book of Esther is in the bible but never mentions God

Looking forward to sharing more next week y’all,

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